AvaxPro technology ensures superior business Intelligence, better controls and distribution specific insight across all areas including debtors, inventory, manpower and operations.


100% web based interface, no need for installation of special software
Cutting edge scalable build ( Linux/Java ), compatible with all systems.
Cloud based with < 1% down time.
GST | EWAY Bill | Leading ERP software company compatible
Automated EDI and documentation features
Works fine with cost effective thin clients

Distribution specific build

Designed for team productivity
(Quick data entry, workflow for approvals, etc)
Distribution specific machine learning and artificial intelligence built-in
Business rules driven based on the distribution industry requirements
UI/UX that is distribution specific and accessible via multiple devices
Role based access control
Multi-level access control through rule based engine (multi-approvals, limits based approvals, vendor credit score based approvals)


Linux and Java technology ensuring secure systems
Internal and external hack safe structure